FC Barcelona’s Camp Nou Experience

One of the top things to do in Barcelona is to visit Camp Nou. It is one of the most visited stadiums in the whole world. Camp Nou is the home of FC Barcelona. It is certainly a must-see for all football enthusiasts. I think people who are not football fans will enjoy the tour as well. Join me as I explore FC Barcelona’s Camp Nou.


Honestly, I am not a football fan. In fact, I am not sporty at all, but I was traveling with a friend who supports FC Barcelona. I agreed to visit the stadium since she wanted to do the tour so bad. Surprisingly, I actually had fun! I learned a lot about football and the team.



So what is FCB? Who are they? For those of you who doesn’t know, FCB stands for Futbol Club Barcelona. Also known as Barça, it is a professional football club based in Barcelona, Spain. It is one of the richest and most valuable sports teams in the world! If you want to know more about them, visit there website, or better yet, visit the camp! 🙂


Getting to the stadium is very easy. It is situated closely to a metro station. From La Rambla, it is a 25 to 30 minute metro ride. You can also drive or take a cab, which is about 15 to 20 minutes. We actually stayed just a few blocks away from the stadium, so it was merely a seven minute walk for us.


Seeing the stadium from our hotel, I saw how busy it was. I can only imagine how crazier it will be when they actually have a game. To beat the crowd, you can go very early – be the first one in line once they open their doors or go towards the end of the day when everyone is leaving already. The latter can be tricky as you would want enough time to go around this huge stadium, but is definitely less crowded.

“More Than A Club”


The tour starts at 30. You can leisurely walk around Camp Nou and the Museum. We got to see FCB’s press room, away side’s changing room, media room, the stadium’s best seats and a lot more. The tour is roughly about 60 – 90 minutes, depending on how long you are planning to stay at the museum.

Best seats in the stadium – I think 😉
Andrea & I — and the nice Camp Nou employees
How I wish there is a game right now
Andrea and I had the stadium to ourselves

The Camp Nou experience is not just about the stadium tour. After the tour, you can also go to the museum. Here you can get to know the team more. You can see Barça throughout the years, their history and milestones. There are a lot more to see in the stadium and in the museum, which I will not share here. It is something for you to discover once you visit!

Some of their many trophies

At Camp Nou, you can also visit a huge team store. They have a great selection of FC Barcelona merchandises for all ages. We opted to visit the store last since they close later than the stadium and the museum. Here we got some souvenirs and gifts for our loved ones. In case you get tired and hungry after all the walking, they also have different restaurants and food options on site.

Overall, it was a very exciting experience. Even if I was not a fan, I actually had fun. I found the stadium and the museum very interesting. It was definitely worth it.

I think I left Camp Nou, a FC Barcelona FAN.

Safe travels!

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