Myeongdong Street Food Guide

My sister and I decided to go to Seoul, South Korea. We purposely chose to stay at Myeongdong for two reasons, shopping and street food!

Join my sister and I as we try some of the street food Myeongdong is famous for.

Tip: Come here with an empty stomach and a pocket full of cash lol 😅

11 Must-try Street Food of Myeongdong in No Particular Order

1. Tornado Potato

This is also available in other countries, like in the US. The special thing about the one from Myeongdong is its flavor! Love the variety of powder that you can choose from to dip your crispy potatoes. You can also get it with sausage.

2. Sausages and Fried Chicken

Try these sweet and spicy goodness that you will not get enough of!

3. Baked Cheese

There’s something about these baked mozzarella cheese with rice cake. Definitely give it a try! You can also add condensed milk over it.

4. Octopus Skewers

Another thing you can try are the octopus skewers. These are steamed/boiled octopus legs that are grilled. They serve it with dried Bonito flakes and teriyaki/sweet chili sauce. Yum!

5. Fried Shrimp

This was my sister’s choice. Deliciously fried battered shrimps sitting on spicy rice cakes. It sure was spicy and was really good!

5. Mandu (Korean Dumplings)

6. Odeng (Fish Cake)

The best street food to eat during cold nights. Love this one served in a cup with the soup.

7. Tteokbokki

This is a staple. Eat it with everything. Sweet and spicy goodness.

8. Bungeoppang

Fish-shaped bun with Nutella/fruit filling.

9. Hotteok (Korean Sweet Pancakes)

Bread with brown sugar and peanuts filling.

10. Egg Bun

This is really good. Bread with egg on top.

11. Soft serve Ice Cream

Get this foot-long soft serve in many different flavors!

Visit Myeongdong at night, to try and enjoy these delicious street food. There are many more street food available, these are just some of the ones we tried and loved!

One night is definitely not enough. They are too good, you will come back for more!!!

Happy eating!

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