Currently Craving: Grab Some Tony’s Pizza


San Francisco is home to many great restaurants. Here you can find a diverse selection of cuisines, in different settings, at different price points.

We decided to try one of the restaurants here at North Beach, and boy I fell in love. My sister actually recommended this since she had one of her lunch meetings here.

First things first, it can get busy here. I highly recommend using your mobile app (Yelp) to make a reservation.

Upon entering you will see all of the owner’s and the restaurant’s achievements. It was so cool to see that a Californian won several pizza-making contests that were held in Italy.

For my drink, I ordered a “Richie.” It was basically ginger ale with some cucumbers slices and mint. Very refreshing.

We all opted not to order any appetizers since we all know we will be stuffed with the pizza that my sister has been raving about.

So what did we order?

Our first pizza was the BURRATINA DI MARGHERITA. It’s Sicilian style pizza with burrata, cherry tomatoes tossed with fresh basil, extra virgin olive oil, balsamic reduction. According to the menu, this pizza won gold cup winner international pizza championships at Lecce, Italy.


This is perfection! Love the combination of the flavors, especially the burrata and the balsamic reduction.


The other pizza we ordered was THE NEW YORKER. This was also very DELISH!!! Love the ricotta cheese on my pizza! The hint of sweetness balanced the overall taste of this pizza.


We also ordered one pasta dish. Salmon in a cream-based sauce. It was good, but something I probably won’t order the next time I visit.


The serving size was pretty good. I shared this meal with four other adults. We did not even finish everything as we were stuffed


Overall, it was a great meal. The food was delicious, the service was excellent and the price was good. I will definitely be back to eat the pizza again, and to try other items in their menu.

Definitely worth a visit, pizza craving satisfied! 😀

Happy Eating,

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